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Department of Physical Engineering, Electronics and Mechanics
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Clusters of particles in an ER fluid under steady electric field. (Computer simulation using the particle method based on the Brownian dynamics)

The Spike-like shape appears at the surface of a magnetic fluid drop under magnetic field.

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Keywords of our research:
Functional Fluids, Functional Materials, Magnetic Fluids, Magnetic Compound Fluids, Electrorheological Fluids, Magnetorheological Fluids, GSMAC, Finite Element Method, Particle Method, Stokesian Dynamics, Cluster, Lattice Boltzmann Method, DNA Array, Surface Deformation, Electrophoresis, Polishing, etc.

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*JSME anual meeting will be held in Nagoya Institute of Technology in 2010.
*Prof. Ido: Invited speaker in ISEM2009 in China.
*Japanese Symposium on Magnetic Fluids at Nagoya Institute of Technology in 2007.